Virtual Window

Efficient video surveillance

Make video surveillance more agile using the virtual window. Work in the control rooms becomes more challenging when the number of monitored sites and cameras increases. The Ksenos virtual window is a re-imagined solution for the efficient management of large-scale surveillance systems.

The virtual window can be modified to include an unlimited number of monitors as well as full screen and multiple image views. Alarms and notifications of events are directed to selected windows. The field of camera views can be flexibly controlled with a joystick and shortcut keys.

The joystick number pad can be used to select a specific camera image into the virtual window. If the camera is controllable, the controls are automatically switched to the selected camera. The virtual window can be used to view real-time image or a recording from the timeline.



When an alarm goes off at a security gate, the virtual window automatically shows the camera feed for the security gate in question, which will begin playback of the recorded feed e.g. 5 seconds before the alarm.


When an alarm goes off in a case of robbery, selected cameras will begin a continuous recording for a set time, and a controllable camera will turn to face the event. Ksenos sends an email notification with an attached camera screenshot to selected recipients. Additionally, camera images can be directed to selected virtual windows, and a notification of the event can be made in the alarm log and the notification window.


The notification window receives a call from the gate, Ksenos opens a two-way communication with the gate. Opening the gate or other similar action is performed using a button on the camera image, the joystick number pad or freely programmable shortcut buttons on the keyboard.