Video Clips

Save events from different perspectives

You can record video clips from the visible camera image or compile a continuous video clip from several different cameras.

The edited video clips feature allows you to save an event from different perspectives and send a clip to a third party if necessary. This way you can collect evidences of a suspicious event from different angles and send a clip easily to the police.

  • Time frame and selected cameras: Saves a grid comprising of selected cameras into a single file.
  • Edited video clip: Records a continuous image of the selected camera window. The source of the video material can be changed by changing the active camera window.
  • Quick search and area search can be used with the video clip tools.
  • Save as an AVI file with MPEG4 codec.

Start recording while playing an event from the timeline or select a time range from the timeline first. Recording starts from the current camera image.

Change the source
Image to be recorded can be changed during the recording by just clicking the desired camera image while recording.

Final touch
After finishing the recording you can choose from different options for quality and resolution.