What happened? Let’s check the timeline.

The timeline is the most important tool in the video recorder, and the Ksenos user experience is built around this function. On the timeline you can navigate to a specific point in time and see the recorded image and audio marked with colored bars.

All open camera windows will be synchronized to the same point in time. We have made moving along the timeline as easy as possible, and the required point in time can be found quickly.

  • You can navigate from the present time to an event that just happened, or you can jump back to the previous week using the program’s calendar.
  • You can also enter a specific time directly in the timeline. Browsing for recordings is straightforward and logical.

  • The timeline only shows the recordings for open camera windows.
  • If you close camera windows or make area searches, the timeline view adapts to these changes.
  • For example, you can easily view a summary for an area search from several cameras on one timeline. The playback for the recordings will jump over empty sections, so you will quickly find what you are looking for.
  • The timeline also shows saved bookmarks and any audio recordings for the active camera window.
Save video clips and backup copies
  • By selecting a time period you can save a video clip or a backup copy.
  • The video clip will include all open camera windows.
  • A backup copy will save the material in its original quality, and you can view the file using the Ksenos remote software.
  • The camera window’s own timeline

You can open a separate timeline for a camera window, which enables you to view recordings independently of the main timeline. The camera window can be cloned, which makes it possible to simultaneously view the present time and the recording for the same camera.


Live mode is the default: Start a continuous recording quickly over the image. Recording time is adjustable.


A specific point of time on the timeline can be marked with a bookmark.

Video Clips

Start video clip recording of the visible image. You can compile a continuous video clip from several different cameras. Read more


In the remotely viewable backups the time range can be determined and quick tools applied. Read more