Efficient automation

Fine tune your video surveillance efficiently. You can flexibly set and modify rules for the software to follow in different situations. You can set different kinds of alarms, schedules, email messages, events and control data to suit your needs. You can also set actions directly using the editable buttons in the camera windows.

Automate actions

  • Control external devices, open gates etc.
  • Create alarm events and notifications
  • Turn cameras and start patrol rounds programmed into the cameras
  • Change camera images within the camera windows
  • Send email messages
  • Send HTTP requests to other systems
  • Create recording schedules



Set one or more conditions for rules according to which actions are performed

  • Schedule
  • Digital input
  • Another rule
  • Loss of video signal
  • Wait for another rule
  • Motion detection
  • Timer pulse
  • Setting
  • Area motion detection
  • Plate recognition
  • Exceeded time in area
  • Connection lost
  • Recording error
  • Motion detector
  • Alert line
  • Counter
  • Tampering detector
  • Button pressed


Set actions to be performed when conditions are met

  • Control digital output
  • Switch analog video output
  • Call PTZ preset
  • Internal command
  • Notification/alarm
  • Send an HTTP URL request
  • Place a bookmark
  • Send an email
  • Push camera to virtual window
  • Open window
  • Change setting