Radial menu

All the essential tools within your reach

No more browsing through countless menus to find what you're looking for. With the Ksenos radial menu you have all the tools applicable for the camera image at your disposal at any given time.

You can open the radial menu just by clicking on the camera image or a widget. Tools in the radial menu depend on the type of the camera image or widget and the status of the ION window – that is why there are only applicable tools in the menu..


Radial menu tools:

Quick Search

Search for recordings from a specific camera. The timeline will only show motion occurring in this camera.

Area Search

Search for events within a defined area. Read more


snapshotYou can save the visible screen as an image file and use it as evidence. You can also compile a picture grid from several camera images.


kokoruutuOpen a full screen view of the selected camera image. You can view details in full quality.

Video Clip

Start video clip recording of the visible image. You can compile a continuous video clip from several different cameras. Read more


Create presets for cameras to make it smoother to switch between different views


Switch between different views with the patrol feature