Motion Detection

Only record what you need

Ksenos does not rely on the camera’s motion detection but uses its own software-based motion detection, which enables the use of all types of cameras. Motion detection can be easily adjusted to suit different conditions.

Ksenos utilizes software-based motion detection algorithm for high accuracy. By using this method every camera can benefit from analytics, even analog.

You can select areas of the image where motion detection is disabled. The image can contain several areas with a different detection sensitivity. Ksenos performs motion detection in an intelligent manner, which enables searching in a specific area of the image. By using area motion detection, you can for example receive an email notification on motion detected in a specific area.

  • Detect motion with all type of cameras
  • Adjustable sensitivity and noise reduction
  • The location of motion in the image is saved for the area search
  • Separate motion detection areas with different sensitivity can be set for an image
  • Areas of the image that should not be recorded can be covered
  • Receive a notification when motion is detected