Mobile App

Manage your video surveillance anytime, anywhere

We want to make video surveillance easy and ensure that security management is not further away than your smartphone or tablet. With the free Ksenos mobile application, you can view the real-time image of the camera or its recordings. You can control cameras easily by swiping your screen.
You can download the Ksenos mobile application on your smart device and connect to a Ksenos recorder to view real-time image feed from several cameras simultaneously, take control of PTZ cameras and view recordings. We have integrated the familiar timeline function into the mobile application. You can quickly access recordings from the present time by dragging the timeline.


Download Ksenos app for free:




Server list

The server list shows added Ksenos servers clearly, so you can quickly check the status of a selected item.

Camera list

The camera list shows all the cameras of a site in a grid. You can change the number of camera images with one click and view images in a vertical and horizontal layout.


On the timeline, you can view recordings quickly and navigate easily to a selected point in time.

Finger gestures

You can adjust the timeline scale and digitally zoom camera images by pinching the screen. The optical zoom of PTZ cameras functions the same way.

Area search

The area search makes searching through recordings considerably easier. You can paint a selected area of the image using your fingers, and recordings will only be shown for this area.

PTZ control

You can maneuver PTZ cameras by swiping with your finger. Predetermined positions for PTZ cameras can be selected from buttons in the mobile interface.

Time search

Click on the time next to the playback buttons to select a point in time from the menu.

Calendar search

Click on the date next to the playback buttons to directly access the calendar’s monthly view, where you can open the events for a selected date.