Easy to install and configure

Deployment is easy. Download Ksenos software and install it on your computer. The software is the same regardless of whether it is used remotely or as a recorder.


Client and recorder in the same software

If the software is not activated it will only act as a client. When you assign a license to it you can use it also as  a recorder. Using the Ksenos software as a remote client is free of charge and you can connect it to an unlimited number of recorders simultaneously.

Once the software is activated it will be able to function as a network video recorder for IP cameras, CVI/TVI cameras and analog cameras.

Local and remote use

When used as a network recorder, the same interface can be used to establish a remote connection to other Ksenos recorders and to manage all recorders simultaneously.

Browser interface

You can also establish a connection to a Ksenos recorder using a web browser, so the use of the remote software is not even necessary. The Ksenos web interface can be used to view real-time and recorded image as well as to modify recorder settings.


Software settings can be used to modify storage space options, software usage options as well as the options of cameras connected to the recorder, such as IP address, motion detection sensitivity etc.


You can download a demo of the software that can be used free of charge for 30 days. Order the demo by filling in the demo order form. You will receive an email message with a license code for a 16 IP camera system.

Manuals and support

Technical data and frequently asked questions available on the website as well as the storage space counter will make it easier to design your system. The Downloads page also includes an installation manual in PDF format.

Our technical support staff will help you with all questions related to the Ksenos software. You can contact us by email at or by calling +358 20 7551 355.