Shortcuts for active users

Freely editable button groups simplify an active user’s work significantly. You can set self-made buttons on camera images and edit them to function as you like.

The button widget enables creating customizable buttons to control several rules. The buttons can be used to perform different functions, such as opening doors, gates and boom barriers, controlling PTZ cameras, and performing different actions on external I/O units.

These VMS buttons can also be programmed to perform software-internal functions. There is no limit to the number of button groups that can be created. The number of buttons within a group can be customised according to requirements, and the buttons can be freely placed. You can choose distinctive colors and icons to make the buttons easily recognizable.

Button appearance

  • changeable colors
  • different icons to choose from
  • description text
  • size when using multiple button groups


Example functions to follow

  • Open doors or gates
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Control PTZ cameras
  • Establish voice connection
  • Control external devices
  • Execute rules