Advanced and user-friendly

VMS features are one of the most essential parts of any surveillance system. The faster you can learn new software, the sooner you can reap the benefits of its use. And the more user-friendly the software is, the more you will get out of it. Ksenos is full of efficient and easy-to-use features that make a tremendous difference to any surveillance workflow, and make everyday tasks effortless.

The future of video management is here. The new ION user interface revolutionizes the way you use Ksenos – managing video footage has never been easier or looked this good.

Effective Radial menu

Tools within your reach

Don’t get lost in tools and menus. With the radial menu you’ll find all the tools applicable for camera image and widgets at any given time.

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Smart Area Search

Find noteworthy actions

What happened there? With the revolutionary and time-saving area search feature you can find movement quickly in a certain area. Just define the desired area by drawing and you’ll see an event requiring attention instantly on the timeline.

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Agile Timeline

Travel back in time

Navigate on the timeline with incredible ease. Colored bars indicating recordings, bookmarks to mark specific moments and useful functions to move back and forth in time will make your experience as smooth as possible.

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Convenient Tabs

Organize your cameras

See the situation at a glance. With the new tabs feature you can collect various camera images or widgets into one place and have incredibly easy access to them. Organizing video footage from a certain area helps to form an all-encompassing and coherent view of the surroundings.

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Customizable Button Widget

Create shortcuts

Unlimited, editable buttons simplify an active user’s work significantly: set self-made buttons to perform different actions from controlling certain rules to managing external devices.

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Informative Notifications

Stay aware of your system

Ksenos keeps you updated on your system by alarming and sending notifications. By setting rules you can control from which occurrence you receive notifications: motion in a certain area, connection errors and recording errors for example.

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Built-in motion detection

Ksenos uses its own software-based motion detection, which enables the use of all types of cameras. Motion detection can be easily adjusted to suit different conditions to save time and effort.

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Edited video clips

Save events from different perspectives. You can create video clips from the visible camera image or compile a continuous video clip from several different cameras.

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Versatile rule engine

You can set rules to automate actions to follow in different situations. Create alarms, open gates, control devices and cameras, and create recording schedules, for example. This is automation made flexible.

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Virtually limitless

Virtually flexible

Large-scale surveillance systems can be made more efficient by using the virtual window, which enables adding an unlimited number of monitors.

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User-friendly Web Interface

Ksenos on your browser

The web interface provides you with the basic tools you need to view the present moment or recordings as well as to save screenshots and video clips. You can also configure all settings, manage users and fine tune recording options on your browser without needing to install separate software.

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Guaranteed compatibility

Ksenos is compatible with almost all the IP cameras available on the market including cameras with technical updates thanks to the membership in the ONVIF organization. The compliance with ONVIF profile S enables image and audio streaming from ONVIF-compatible cameras as well as PTZ and digital input and output controls.
Software settings can be used to modify the resolution and frame rate of ONVIF-compatible cameras.

Complete 360 image

Cameras with fisheye optics enable a comprehensive, undistorted view of the monitored environment that can be maneuvered directly over the image.

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Joystick Support

Thanks to our support for different kinds of joysticks, live monitoring is significantly faster and easier especially in large-scale surveillance systems.

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Saving Backups

Remotely viewable backup files allow you to freely determine the time range, use quick and area search as well as save video clips and screenshots.

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ANPR plug-in

Automated vehicle control

The license plate recognition function makes vehicle traffic monitoring significantly easier and increases efficiency by automating the access control.

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Two-way audio

Two-way audio playback enables communication between the control room and the customer’s site, when image confirmation is required for the audio source. High-quality image and audio in a seamless package.

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User management

Create different levels of user permissions as several people can be in charge of video surveillance. Specific features can be assigned for each user to make the workflow smoother and more secure.

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Mobile App

Ksenos in your pocket

The Ksenos mobile app ensures that security management is no further away than your smartphone or tablet. View the real-time image of the camera or its recordings and control cameras easily anywhere and anytime.

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Effortless installation

Ksenos is amazingly easy to install and configure. Download Ksenos software and install it on your computer. The software is the same regardless of whether it is used remotely or as a recorder.

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Agile. Scalable. Updated.

All the essential VMS features are easily attainable and the settings can be changed with few clicks in the web interface. The Ksenos system is easy to expand as it can consist of one or more servers and multiple optimized remote clients. With its perpetual licensing Ksenos is a long-lasting solution that provides a modular, flexible option that keeps up-to-date for years to come.