Security and beyond

How can Ksenos help your company? Every industry has its unique challenges. No matter what is your business field, with Ksenos you can achieve not only safety and security for your company assets, but also better awareness of your business processes and surroundings. By managing your video surveillance you can improve your performance, reduce costs and optimize your business.

Size doesn’t matter. Ksenos is scalable to all kinds of video surveillance needs and new features can be easily enabled for industry specific needs. The system can be expanded to consist one or more servers and multiple remote clients.


Protecting property, monitoring production, ensuring safety at work, improving processes – this is what surveillance is about in factories, industrial offices and premises. Monitor your processes in order to find bottlenecks in workflow, to identify dangerous points and prevent accidents. Get the complete picture of your premises and detect errors, malfunctions and unauthorized individuals.

  • Get a notification when there’s an error in your factory. Check the situation with the mobile application without having to visit the factory.
  • Use the area motion detection in order to receive an email notification, when there’s movement detected in a specific area. Check from recorded video material what happened.
  • Use 360° image to see the comprehensive image of all production lines


Theft, smuggling, suspicious packages and vehicles, misplaced goods, damages and accidents are major concerns in airports, seaports and other logistic centers. Efficient monitoring of goods can have a massive improvement in luggage and goods handling. Supervise processes to improve operations, waiting times, safety and security in complex areas. In transportation observing traffic patterns, traffic jams, speeding and other threatening situations can significantly prevent accidents from happening.

  • Enhance traffic flow with the Ksenos license plate recognition add-on
  • Increase efficiency by creating rules to follow in different situations: open gates automatically, set alarms and control data
  • Use area search to find out when and where missing item was lost


Shoplifting is a continuing nuisance, which causes additional costs for supermarkets and shopping malls. Prevent loss efficiently with real-time surveillance and quick searches from recordings. Improve customer traffic flow and optimize your store layout by monitoring customer behavior.

  • Find quickly an event requiring your attention with the Ksenos area search, which enhances and automates the viewing of recorded video material
  • Move fast back and forth on the timeline to see where the customers swarm
  • Save thefts from different perspectives by compiling a continuous video clip from different cameras and send a clip to the police

Public safety

Assaults, violence, terrorism and thefts are nowadays serious threats in cities and public areas. With an effective video security system crimes can be solved quickly but also prevented by detecting suspicious behavior.

  • Powerful tools for live monitoring and agile PTZ control make city surveillance effective.
  • If an alarm goes off in a store, the virtual window can automatically show the camera feed from the cameras near the store.
  • Use the license plate recognition to set off an alarm if a vehicle has been too long in the area
  • Tabs can be created for different streets or zones to help to monitor a certain area.
  • The virtual window widget enables fast switching between different camera views.

Real estate

Surveillance of offices and homes helps protect both people and property – not to mention privacy. Efficient monitoring can prevent fires and accidents, and in emergency situations VMS enables to see circumstances in areas that are not safe to go. A video surveillance system for facilities, buildings and areas is often required to be connected to different types of cameras, suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors. Ksenos is compatible with most of the camera types.

  • There’s a hit on a car in the parking area. Use video recordings to find who bumped the car and report the license plate number to the police.
  • Use tabs to see at a glance if all the doors are closed in the building.
  • Manage large areas and buildings by switching cameras agilely in the virtual window

Demanding industries

Monitoring operations, processes and premises is vital for critical areas such as power plants, nuclear reactors and financial institutions. For nuclear reactors it is vital to detect malfunctioning equipments, unauthorized individuals and prevent power shortages. Financial institutions including money transportation and ATMs require an effective VMS not only to secure people and assets but also to improve customer service and shorten queues.

  • Monitor critical pressure gauge readings safely from your office.
  • Use custom buttons to control traffic to critical areas: open doors and gates and verify visitors by establishing a video and voice connection.
  • Be able to react fast thanks to automatic notifications
  • Set alarms if motion is detected in prohibited areas