Effective and effortless video security with Ksenos

Years of cooperation with users and security specialists has led into the most easy-to-use, flexible and capable video management system in the surveillance industry today. With Ksenos you can manage, analyze and examine video image data locally or remotely. Putting your mind at ease has never been this simple.

Ksenos can meet your needs for years to come

We believe that a good video surveillance system should be easy, flexible and adapt to the customer’s needs – not vice versa. Ksenos video management software can be easily extended and new features enabled if needed. The system can easily adapt to the changes in your operations and expand accordingly.

The Ksenos software is installed on a server that communicates with components connected to the system.

Use on many different devices

Ksenos gives you the freedom to use any terminal – a computer, tablet or smartphone. It works equally on Windows, OS X, or Linux operating systems.

  • Saves camera images on the local hard drive or NAS
  • Operates as a link between other components in the system
  • Operates either as a service or a graphic interface
  • Can be configured locally or remotely using a web interface for Windows 7 and 10 as well as Linux CentOS 6
Remote use
  • Remote viewing of recordings and real-time image from servers
  • Control room computers
  • Control room video walls
  • Server settings management on a web interface
  • For Windows 7 and 10, Linux CentOS 6 and OS X operating systems
Mobile app
  • iOS and Android
  • Can be used on a smartphone or a tablet
  • Remote viewing of recordings and real-time image from servers
  • Use of controllable cameras (PTZ)
  • Area search from recordings