About Ksenos

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People behind Ksenos

We are a Finnish software company that focuses on developing professional Video Management Software (VMS) with a wide range of experience and enthusiastic employees.

We are agile, continuous learners, who know how to listen to their most valuable assets: customers and employees. We value honesty, helping, openness and equality. For us it is important that our employees have all the possibilities for productive and meaningful work. That is why we highlight good team spirit, rewarding teamwork and a calm but good-humoured working environment.

Customer satisfaction

Challenges that our customers are facing and finding qualified solutions to them motivate us. We aim to understand the needs and requirements of our customers, and we want to offer professional service at a competitive price.

We want to guarantee that our customers are satisfied and they can rely on us in the future.



Careful listening, helping each other, cooperation and nurturing team spirit are key factors in finding new solutions.


Taking others equally into account, transparency and standing behind our words are the basis of our operations.


On-going software development and outdoing ourselves everyday ensure that we continue to excel and that our services are as good as possible.


Our close-knit and enthusiastic team is constantly willing to learn and prepared to react quickly as they take on new challenges head-on.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a well-known multi-talent in the field of video surveillance – one that our customers and competitors respect. We aim to be among the major players in our field, and our aspiration is for Ksenos to be software so versatile and easy to use that our competitors see it as a benchmark.

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Two decades of experience

We have garnered many years of experience in importing, designing, selling and installing video surveillance, access control and intrusion systems, as our company was established already in 1999. Nearly 20 years of experience in different aspects of video surveillance offers us a wealth of knowledge of security demands in different industries. We are able to understand our customers' needs and offer a full service.

Continuous innovation
with industry experts

The Ksenos video management software is a direct result of years of close co-operation with industry experts, security professionals and enthusiastic users. Our mission is to make video management so easy that you don't necessarily even need to open your user manual.

Our work is based on innovative and extensive know-how and our customers’ insights. Producing a high-quality product requires continuous development and knowledge on the newest technologies. As a Ksenos VMS customer, you will receive the best value for your investment.


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